There is a total of 86 Steam achievements in Act of Aggression.


Multiplayer levelEdit

AoA Achievement Sergeant Sergeant
Reach level 5
AoA Achievement Lieutenant Lieutenant
Reach level 10
AoA Achievement Colonel Colonel
Reach level 20

Achievement completionEdit

AoA Achievement Collector Collector
Complete 10 achievements
AoA Achievement Master Collector Master Collector
Complete 30 achievements


AoA Achievement Team Player Team Player
Add 1 friend (who must accept)
AoA Achievement Squad Leader Squad Leader
Add 5 friends (who must accept)


AoA Achievement Butcher Butcher
Destroy 500 enemy units
AoA Achievement Air Interdiction Air Interdiction
Destroy 10 helicopters
AoA Achievement Stakhanovist Stakhanovist
Produce 50 units in a single game
AoA Achievement Rapace Rapace
Deploy a plane
AoA Achievement Reign of Terror Reign of Terror
Launch a super weapon
AoA Achievement None Shall Pass None shall pass!
Intercept an enemy super weapon
AoA Achievement Tin Woodman Tin Woodman
Extract 500 aluminum
AoA Achievement Golem Golem
Extract 500 rare earth elements
AoA Achievement Iron Man Iron Man
Extract 10,000 metals
AoA Achievement Capitalist Capitalist
Extract $5000 from the banks
AoA Achievement Heist Heist
Take control of a bank
AoA Achievement Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
Get 10 POW in jail or in hospital.

Playing/winning gamesEdit

AoA Achievement Arsenal of Democracy Solo Arsenal of Democracy (Solo)
Win a skirmish game with the US faction
AoA Achievement Quick Reaction Force Solo Quick Reaction Force (Solo)
Win a skirmish game with the Chimera faction
AoA Achievement Bellerophon Solo Bellerophon (Solo)
Win a skirmish game with the Cartel faction
AoA Achievement Schizophrenic Solo Schizophrenic (Solo)
Win a skirmish game with each of the 3 factions
AoA Achievement First Step First step
Beat an Easy AI in a skirmish game
AoA Achievement Experienced Experienced
Beat a Medium AI in a skirmish game
AoA Achievement Veteran Veteran
Beat a Hard AI in a skirmish game
AoA Achievement Competitor Competitor
Play a ranked game
AoA Achievement Arsenal of Democracy Multi Arsenal of Democracy (Multi)
Win a multiplayer game with the US faction
AoA Achievement Quick Reaction Force Multi Quick Reaction Force (Multi)
Win a multiplayer game with the Chimera faction
AoA Achievement Bellerophon Multi Bellerophon (Multi)
Win a multiplayer game with the Cartel faction
AoA Achievement Schizophrenic Multi Schizophrenic (Multi)
Win a multiplayer game with each of the 3 factions
AoA Achievement Battle Royale Battle Royale
Play a FFA game
AoA Achievement Duel Duel
Play a skirmish game opposing 2 teams
AoA Achievement Triumvirate Triumvirate
Play a skirmish game opposing 3 teams
AoA Achievement Mexican Standoff Mexican Standoff
Play a skirmish game opposing 4 teams
AoA Achievement Last Survivor Last Survivor
Win a FFA game
AoA Achievement No Quarter No quarter
Win a game without taking any prisoners.

Campaign completionEdit

AoA Achievement The Raid The Raid
Complete Chimera's 1st Episode
AoA Achievement The Train Job The Train Job
Complete Chimera's 2nd Episode
AoA Achievement Judgment Day Judgment Day
Complete Chimera's 3rd Episode
AoA Achievement Death Toll Death Toll
Complete Chimera's 4th Episode
AoA Achievement Hacker Hacker
Complete Chimera's 5th Episode
AoA Achievement Sword of Damocles Sword of Damocles
Complete Chimera's 6th Episode
AoA Achievement Neutral Ground Neutral Ground
Complete Chimera's 7th Episode
AoA Achievement Sputnik Sputnik
Complete Chimera's 8th Episode
AoA Achievement Coup d'Etat Coup d'Etat
Complete Chimera's 9th Episode
AoA Achievement Moctezuma Moctezuma
Complete Chimera's 10th Episode
AoA Achievement Antitrust Antitrust
Complete all of the Chimera's Episodes
AoA Achievement Viva la Revolution ¡Viva la Revolución!
Complete Cartel's 1st Episode
AoA Achievement Wolf Tamer Wolf Tamer
Complete Cartel's 2nd Episode
AoA Achievement Thors Hammer Thor's Hammer
Complete Cartel's 3rd Episode
AoA Achievement Into The Valley of Death Into the valley of death...
Complete Cartel's 4th Episode
AoA Achievement Showdown Showdown
Complete Cartel's 5th Episode
AoA Achievement Among The Shadows Among the shadows
Complete all of the Cartel's Episodes
AoA Achievement Janus Janus
Complete all of the Chimera & Cartel's Episodes

Campaign objectivesEdit

AoA Achievement Everybody is at Home Today Everybody is at home today
(The Hunt for Yao) Don't lose a single soldier during Yao's arrest
AoA Achievement No One Was Left Behind No one was left behind
(When the Wolves Howl) Save every single wounded soldier in a desperate situation
AoA Achievement Come Down Here And Fight Come down here and fight!
(Highway to Serbia) Knock down a maximum number of choppers in a defensive situation
AoA Achievement Like a Truck Like a truck
(Highway to Serbia) Don't lose a single truck that you are tasked to protect
AoA Achievement Half Men Machines Half men, Half machines, 100% soldiers
(Covert Ops) Keep all your commandos alive during the Chinese operation
AoA Achievement Unbreakable Unbreakable
(Sword of Damocles) The M1 Abrams is reputed to be impossible to destroy, let the legend live on
AoA Achievement Salvation Salvation
(Into the Chimera's Lair) The more people we are, the stronger we become
AoA Achievement Soviet Supreme Soviet supreme
(Countdown to Apocalypse) Don't waste the gifts that you are given
AoA Achievement Ground Control Ground Control
(Countdown to Apocalypse) Neutralize all the hostile command centers in the Baïkonour Cosmodrome
AoA Achievement Greedy Schaefer Greedy Schaefer
(The American Civil War) Make sure there are no resources left in the airbase stock
AoA Achievement Taste Your Own Medicine Taste your own medicine
(The American Civil War) Crush the rebels with their own weapons
AoA Achievement Bloodshed Bloodshed
(Mexican Stand-Off) Make a total annihilation for a massive effect
AoA Achievement Thrifty Thrifty
(White Wolves Extinction) Every soldier is important, take care of them
AoA Achievement By The Numbers By the numbers
(Exodus) Prevent the enemy from cutting your escape route
AoA Achievement The Best Defense The best defense
(Fall of Olympus... Rise of Heliopolis) "My center is yielding. My right is retreating. The situation is excellent. I am attacking."
AoA Achievement Air Superiority Air superiority
(Fall of Olympus... Rise of Heliopolis) Defeat the most powerful air force in the world
AoA Achievement Ghostbuster Ghostbuster
(Covert Ops) Kill one of the most powerful enemy prototypes
AoA Achievement Superfind Superfind
(Covert Ops) Steal the equipment stored in a Cartel outpost
AoA Achievement Eat a Mushroom Eat a Mushroom
(Mexican Stand-Off) One single button for heavy damage
AoA Achievement Wrath of Wotan Wrath of Wotan
(Mexican Stand-Off) Use the Asgard power
AoA Achievement Ignition Ignition
(Mexican Stand-Off) One Shot, One kill... or much more
AoA Achievement All Your Bases Belong To Us All your bases belong to us
(Mexican Stand-Off) You command both Chimera and US forces, but is that all?
AoA Achievement Wisp of Smoke Wisp of smoke
(White Wolves Extinction) He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious
AoA Achievement Jail Break Jail break
(Backstab) Liberate all the prisoners held captive by the enemy
AoA Achievement Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Mi casa es tu casa
(Fall of Olympus... Rise of Heliopolis) Turn your enemy facilities against the enemy during the last stand
AoA Achievement You Shall Not Pass You shall not pass
(White Wolves Extinction) Create an impassable wall of fire and steel
AoA Achievement The Offensive Level The Offensive Level
(Coup d'Etat) Do not hesitate, do not think, attack straight forward into the trap no matter the losses
AoA Achievement Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales
(Countdown to Apocalypse) No time to waste, be quick, be efficient
AoA Achievement The Budget Was Cut The budget was cut
(The Train Job) Good commanders don't need reinforcement
AoA Achievement Where is my Umbrella Where is my umbrella?
(Into the Chimera's Lair) A rain of fire from the sky is not enough for you to retreat
AoA Achievement Iron Dome Iron dome
(Into the Chimera's Lair) What are the Anteys used for? You should try them… twice.

Trivia Edit

  • The "All Your Bases Are Belong to Us" is a popular catchphrase that swept across the internet at the dawn of 21st century as early as in 1998. An awkward translation of “all of your bases are now under our control”, the quote originally appeared in the opening dialogue of Zero Wing, a 16-bit shoot’em up game released in 1989.
  • The "Ghostbuster" achievement is a reference of a 1984 American comedy film Ghostbusters.
  • The "Iron Man" achievement is a reference of a Marvel Universe Character Iron Man.
  • The "None shall pass!" and "You shall not pass" achievement is a reference to the quote of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings.
  • The "By the numbers" achievement is a reference to the quote in Aliens
  • Coup D'état  is a type of revolution, where the illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus occurs.
  • A Thor's Hammer name is Mjölnir.
  • A Sputnik was the first artificial Earth satellite used by the Soviet Union.
  • A Mexican Standoff is a confrontation amongst two or more parties in which no strategy exists that allows any party to achieve victory.
  • Duel is an arranged engagement in combat between two people, with matched weapons, in accordance with agreed-upon rules.

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