Sword of Damocles


The American Civil War

Countdown to Apocalypse
Part of Operation Eclipse
AoA Intro Countdown to Apocalypse

May 3, 2025


Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan

AoA Logo Chimera Chimera
Flag Russia Russian support
AoA Logo Cartel Cartel
AoA Logo Chimera Greg C. Schaefer
Emblem Spetsnaz GRU Fedor Raevski

AoA Logo Chimera Chimera

Chimera SHIELD Logo NoBG
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Countdown to Apocalypse is the eighth mission of Operation Eclipse.

Related achievementsEdit

AoA Achievement Sputnik Sputnik
Complete Chimera's 8th Episode
AoA Achievement Soviet Supreme Soviet supreme
Two Akula (of three) and seven Black Eagle (of ten) must survive.
AoA Achievement Ground Control Ground Control
Destroy both secondary bases.
AoA Achievement Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales
Destroy the enemy HQ with at over 10 minutes remaining.

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