White Wolves Extinction

Coup d'Etat
Part of Beyond the Mirror

September 10, 2023


Mexicali, Mexico

Cartel Mexican Army
Piet Vermaak Salomon Alonso
Primary objective(s)

Capture the transmissions tower
Capture the Governor's palace
Destroy the airfield's radar to prevent the enemy interceptors from interfering
Protect the HQ

Bonus objective(s)

Exploit the aluminum deposit


AoA Logo Cartel Cartel

Chimera SHIELD Logo NoBG
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Coup d'Etat is the Cartel's first mission in Act of Aggression.

Related achievementsEdit

AoA Achievement Viva la Revolution ¡Viva la Revolución!
Complete Cartel's 1st Episode
AoA Achievement The Offensive Level The Offensive Level
Assault the bridge directly.

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