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Sword of Damocles

Covert Ops
Part of Operation Eclipse
AoA Intro Covert Ops

April 18, 2025


Guangxi Region, China

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8 exosoldiers Control nodes

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Covert Ops is the fifth mission of Operation Eclipse.


Primary objectivesEdit

  • Keep at least one infantry unit alive
  1. Capture & hold the control center of the infantry base
  2. Capture & hold the control center of the light vehicle base
  3. Capture & hold the control center of the stealth base
  4. Capture & hold the control center of the prototype base

Secondary objectivesEdit

  • Do not lose any exosoldier
  • Capture some enemy resources

Related achievementsEdit

AoA Achievement Hacker Hacker
Complete Chimera's 5th Episode
AoA Achievement Half Men Machines Half men, Half machines, 100% soldiers
Keep all your Exosoldiers alive during the Chinese operation.
AoA Achievement Ghostbuster Ghostbuster
Destroy at least one Spectre tank.
AoA Achievement Superfind Superfind
Steal the SuperHind stored in a Cartel outpost (north-central of the map).


The Spectre tanks start prowling after you start hacking into the final building on the west side of the map. You'll probably notice a pack of Spectre tanks attacking the other buildings once the final building reaches >75%. Simply evacuate the building, send units to destroy a Spectre tank, then finish capturing the building.

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