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Elite infantry


MP5A4 submachine gun
M72E9 LAW rocket launcher (upgrade)


AoA Icon Resource RareEarth 100

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“You'll need more than that to kill me!”
— Delta
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The Delta Force operator is the elite infantry of the United States Army. They are able to detect enemy stealth ground units.


AoA Icon LAW Delta Force LAW
Costs AoA Icon Resource Aluminium 500 and AoA Icon Resource RareEarth 250. Researched at the barracks. Requires DEFCON 1. Equips Delta operators with an additional M72E9 LAW anti-material rocket launcher, which makes them efficient at short range against vehicles and infantry entrenched in buildings.

Uses and Tactics Edit

Delta operators can be trained in seconds, meaning a large number of them can be fielded in a short time provided there is Rare Earth to spare.

Armed with MP5s as a primary weapon, they can make short work of infantry at close range, and can be upgraded to carry a LAW launcher. The LAW launcher does not replace the primary weapon, rather it becomes a secondary weapon used against vehicles, making Delta operators versatile units. Their detection abilities mean that not even the advanced stealth ground vehicles of the Cartel can hide from them.

However, US commanders should be well aware that while the LAW launcher gives Delta operators anti-tank capabilities, the weapon is slow to reload, meaning that they can't put down sufficient volume of fire to engage a large group of vehicles, and will succumb to mass auto-cannon or machine-gun fire from a wolfpack of Chimera or Cartel light vehicles. Being supported by brawlers like the M1 Abrams greatly increases their effectiveness in combat as they can spot stealth units for the tanks to take out. Having Dustoffs nearby to heal them will also increase their survivability in combat.


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When Selected Edit

  • I hear ya loud and clear!
  • Need an operator?
  • Don't tell us how to do our job?

When ordered to attack Edit

  • My pleasure.

Under Fire Edit

  • You'll need more than that to kill me.
  • I don't think I'm going to make it!


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