M993 carrier
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Resource collector

Hit points


Produced by

AoA Icon Refinery USA Refinery
AoA Icon Processing Plant Processing plant


AoA Icon Turbocompressor Turbocompressor
AoA Icon Improved Chassis Improved chassis

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“What the hell is this one doing here?”
— M993 Carrier
AoA Icon M993

The M993 carrier is the resource collector of the United States Army. Initially, it can collect up to 400 resources of petroleum and aluminum. Only a total of 5 M993s can be produced for each refinery and processing plant.


AoA Icon Turbocompressor Turbocompressor
Costs AoA Icon Resource Credits 1500. Researched at the armory.
AoA Icon Improved Chassis Improved chassis
Costs AoA Icon Resource Credits 750 and AoA Icon Resource Aluminium 500. Researched at the armory.


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When Enemy found Edit

  • What the Hell is this one doing here?

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