Kawasaki OH-1 Ninja
AoA Ingame Ninja

AoA Logo Chimera Chimera


Light recon helicopter


Type 91 missiles (Upgrade)


Optical camouflage

Hit points



AoA Icon Resource Credits 600
AoA Icon Resource Aluminium 300

Produced by

AoA Icon Support Bay Support bay


AoA Icon Type 91 Missiles Type 91 missiles

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AoA Icon Ninja

The OH-1 Ninja is a stealth light recon helicopter of the Chimera. The Ninja can be upgraded with Type 91 missiles, making the helicopter efficient against enemy aircraft.


AoA Icon Type 91 Missiles Type 91 missiles
Costs AoA Icon Resource Aluminium 1000. Researched at the support bay. Equips Ninjas with long-range anti-aircraft missiles.


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Uses and Tactics Edit

The Ninja is an early-game air recon vehicle. True to it's name, it can scour the battlefield while remaining hidden thanks to its optical camouflage.

Having a large sight radius and being able to detect stealth units while remaining hidden itself makes the Ninja an excellent spotter for vehicles having an attack range far greater than their own line of sight, such as the Puma's Spike-LR missiles and the Buratino MLRS.

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